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The initial idea to found our company appeared in the first half of 2017, when we started to realise the importance of cryptocurrencies and their actual potential impact on the current and future world. We started to focus on them from all possible aspects due to their potential and technological maturity. During our study we discovered many interesting aspects that this branch offers us, and we also understood that cryptocurrencies were an as-yet unknown and unexplored world.

We can now state that there are very few publicly accessible, transparent and, above all, credible sources focusing on the relevant information about the branch of cryptocurrencies, and based on this fact we decided to found our company etheronic. etheronic. was officially founded in July 2018, when we had reached the stage of maturity and competence in the area of cryptocurrencies, and we also consider ourselves to be experts in the given field.


Our team consists of many IT specialists, economists, professional traders, analysts and lawyers. Our team is so diverse because the actual field of cryptocurrencies is itself very wide and the vast majority of it is not yet regulated. To be successful in this complex sector, it is necessary for our team to be capable of a comprehensive perception and/or prediction of all the aspects of the current or future market.


The company etheronic. can be viewed as a crypto-investment company focusing on providing its clients with a comprehensive solution in the field of cryptocurrencies. By comprehensive solution we mean complete client care, from the actual brokering of the purchase of mining machines, subsequent connection and configuration, maintenance, professional consultation in the field of cryptocurrencies and, last but not least, active client portfolio management. Active portfolio management includes the management of clients’ mined coins within the context of maximising the client’s profits. The company’s trading department, which is staffed by qualified experts with many years of experience, manages the portfolio. In practice active portfolio management means a potential increase in client portfolio in the order of tens of percent. In the mining of cryptocurrencies our company differs from the competition by virtue of its client care and unique solutions, such as mining containers.

So how does it all work in practice?

The client themselves decides the level of investment, and based on this our team tailors an offer directly to them. If the client finds this offer interesting and decides to invest in the crypto segment via our company, they need not to worry about anything else. Our company will take care of the order, the import, configuration and connection of mining equipment. If a client is interested in active portfolio management, the trading department will actively manage their mined coins for them in order to increase their profit, which can mean a rise in the order of dozens of percent. In order to preserve transparency and confidentiality, the client will receive from our company an application that they can use to follow their portfolio in real time and if necessary actively discuss changes in the portfolio with our company. Free consultancy in the area of cryptocurrencies is a given for us, because it is important for us that our clients are satisfied with all aspects.

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Mining containers

As part of our comprehensive solution for clients, we also offer unique “mining containers” tailored specifically to the client. We make the containers and adapt them specifically to client requests, but in spite of this our containers have several unique properties and advantages regardless of their size or adaptation. The fundamental advantages of the mining containers include in particular:


Adjusted ventilation ensuring ideal temperature conditioning for the operation of mining machines.

One part of the ventilation equipment consists of specialised filters which trap dust particles to prevent any of them reaching the mining machines.

Low operating costs – no rent for space

Possibility of remote access and control of all machines in containers – non-stop supervision of machines.

First-class fire extinguishers to deal with any short circuit/burn out

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